Code of Conduct for Players

Arrow Harps  Football Club wishes to provide the best possible environment for all young people involved in the sport. Young people deserve to be given enjoyable, safe sporting opportunities, free of abuse of any kind. These participants have rights, which must be respected, and responsibilities that they must accept.

Young people should be encouraged to realise that they have responsibilities to treat other participants and sports leaders with fairness and respect.


Young players are entitled to:

  • Be safe and to feel safe
  • Be listened to
  • Be believed
  • Be treated with dignity, sensitivity and respect
  • Have a voice in the club /
  • Participate on an equal basis
  • Have fun and enjoy sport
  • Experience competition at a level at which they feel comfortable
  • Make complaints and have them dealt with
  • Get help against bullies
  • Say No
  • To protect themselves
  • Confidentiality


Young players should always:

  • Treat Sports Leaders, coaches, managers, selectors, club officials, other players,parents etc with respect
  • Play fairly at all times, do their best
  • Respect team members, even when things go wrong
  • Respect opponents, be gracious in defeat
  • Abide by the rules set down by team managers when traveling to away events.
  • Behave in a manner that avoids bringing the sport of Soccer into disrepute
  • Young players should never:
  • Cheat
  • Use violence or physical contact that is not allowed within the rules
  • Shout or argue with officials, team mates or opponents (list appropriate in your club)
  • Harm team members, opponents or their property
  • Bully or use bullying tactics to isolate another player
  • Use unfair or bullying tactics to gain advantage
  • Take banned substances
  • Keep secrets, especially if they have been caused harm
  • Tell lies about adults / young people
  • Spread rumors
  • Use bad or abusive language


Guidelines for Parents:

Arrow Harps Football Club believes that parents should:

Be a role model for your child and maintain the highest standards of conduct when interacting with children, other parents, with officials and organisers.

Always behave responsibly and do not seek to unfairly affect the game / player or match.

Never intentionally expose any young participant to embarrassment or disparagement by the use of flippant or sarcastic remarks.

Always recognise the value and importance of the volunteers who provide sporting/recreational opportunities for your child.

Do not publicly question the judgment or honesty of referees, coaches or organisers. Respect referees, coaches, organisers and other players.

Encourage your child to play by the rules. Teach your child that honest endeavour is as important as winning and do all you can to encourage good sportsmanship.

Set a good example by applauding good play on both sides. Encourage mutual respect for teammates and opponents.

Parents should support all efforts to remove abusive behavior and bullying behavior in all its forms.

Please read bullying policy within the club / organisation’s guidelines.

Parents Code of Conduct:

Parents should respect the rules and procedures set down in Arrow Harps Football Club Code of Ethics for Children in Sport.

Respect my child’s teammates, leaders, (eg. coaches, officials, judges), and parents, as well as players, parents and coaches from opposing teams. I will encourage my child to treat other participants, coaches, selectors, and managers with respect.

Give encouragement and applaud only positive accomplishments whether from my child, his/her teammates, their opponents or the officials.

Respect my child’s leader(s) and support his/her efforts

Respect the officials and their authority during sessions and events (list as appropriate)

Never demonstrate threatening or abusive behavior or use foul language.