rpark2Riverstown Community Park has been home to Arrow Harps FC since their inauguration in 1975. From humble beginnings, the park has since been re-developed into the fine multi sport facility it is today, featuring an All-Weather Pitch, Clubhouse, walking areas, training areas and pitches.

This excellent work has been done under the patronage of the Riverstown Community Park Commitee which was founded in 2005. Before the establishment of this committee , the park was managed by trustee’s who had been doing so since the land was handed over by the land commission in 1939. Previously part of the Phibbs farming estate, the land was redesignated to be used as a recreational park for the local community.

One of the most popular events at the park was the parish sports, which were introduced by the parish priest of the time, Fr. Roddy, as part of a fundraising drive to build a new church. The sports were the highlight of the summer with athletes traveling from as far as Galway and Dublin. There was something for everyone: athletic races, tug of war, bicycle races, weight throwing, pole vaulting and tossing the sheaf. Sooey Pipe Band provided the entertainment.

However, it was always felt by the trustees that the park, which had been the venue for many sporting and social activities involving young and old during the past 60 years needed up to date amenities, in common with many community parks in the country.

The committee that was formed to manage the park comprises representatives of sporting, youth and cultural organisations in the area. The committee members are all from the local community, the committee is voluntary, and aims to “develop and manage Riverstown Community Park as a leisure amenity for all members of the community and the surrounding areas as well as foster links with similar bodies in order to enhance overall community, economic and social development.”

The playing field is an invaluable asset to the village of Riverstown and the surrounding area. It is also used by the youth generally as a recreation facility and also provides a much needed area for older people to walk. The community formed a development committee for the park and has carried out a number of improvements during the years. The first phase involved the provision of changing rooms and a car parking area at a total cost of £135,000. This work was completed in 1999/2000.

Since then, through massive fundraising and with huge support from many sectors; not least the local community themselves, the park has been fully redeveloped into the major facility that all parts of the community enjoy.  Along with soccer the park plays host to GAA, Community Games and more recently Cricket.