The aim of Arrow Harps FC is to provide all players in the local community and it’s surroundings with the maximum opportunitiy to develop their footballing ability to its full potential. (noting that all players have differing levels of ability). This will be achieved with the full co-operation of all members of the club, ie Managers/Coaches, Players and Parents in a safe and friendly environment.


The objectives of the club include:-

  1. To promote and develop at all levels of the game.

  2. Encourage participation & enjoyment in all our teams.

  3. Ensure that all players are given a reasonable chance to be part of the team.

  4. To create a positive influence within an encouraging environment for children playing club and within the game.

  5. The club serves everyone in the community irrespective of denomination or religion and is non political.

  6. The club will strive to continually improve facilities to enable the club evolve and develop further.